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Biking & Walking PDF Municipal Trail Map | All Distances are approximate
Baxter Road Trails (2 miles) Nunaka Valley Park to Tudor Road 2 miles
C Strteet Trail Dimond Blvd to Government Hill 7 miles
Campbell Creek Trail Victor to C Street
C Street to the Old Seward Highwy
1 mile
2 miles
Chester Creek Trail Goose Lake to Westchester Lagoon 4 miles
Debarr Road Trail Sitka Street Park to Muldoon Road 4 miles
Glenn Highway Trail Barlett Pool to Chugiak Elementary Scool 14 miles
Lake Otis Trail Campbell Creek Park to Abbott Baseball Complex 4 miles
Muldoon/Tudor Trails Centennial Camper Park to Spenard Rec Center 10 miles
Northern Lights Trail Muldoon Park to Earthquake Park 8 miles
Russian Jack Spur Russian Jack Springs Park to Goose Lake via East High Overpass 1.5 miles
Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Second Avenue to Elderberry Park
Elderberry Park to Kincaid Park

Westchester Lagoon to Kincard Park
1 mile
10 miles
8 miles
Turnagain Arm Trail Potter's Marsh Refuge to Bird Creek 14 miles
Hiking Trails  
Easy Moderate Difficult
Albert Loop Trail Easy, though seasonal muddy spots. Mixed forest to gravel bars of glacial Eagle River. Trail guide booklet available. Winter: Trail usually packed for winter walkers, skiing. Many wildlife tracks. Access: Eagle River Nature Center 3 miles loop
Anchorage Overlook Trail Easy. Paved trail and gravel trail. Sitting area and viewing deck with views of Anchorage, Alaska Range, and Cook Inlet. Good for sunsets. Windy. Wheelchair accessible. Access: Glen Alps Trailhead. 1/4 mile loop
Bird Creek Trail Easy to road end, then difficult. Seasonal muddy areas. Main trail follows creek up valley floor. Large trees, waterfall at mile 14. Fork to right at 0.7 mile leads to Penguin Creek. ATVs and bikes may also use side trails (from old logging and seismic exploration) up to 500' elevation. Winter: Often good skiing. Open to snowmachines when snow conditions are adequate to protect underlying vegetation. 5.5 miles one way to old road end at 500' elevation. Bikes and ATVs stop here. Unmaintained unmarked route continues up valley, often overgrown, another 9.5 miles to Bird Pass.
Eklutna Lakeside Trail Easy - abandoned roadbed with bridges. Access Eklutna Lake Trailhead
Trail follows lakeshore for 7 miles, then onto glacial gravel bars. Last mile is footpath through glacial debris. Views of steep canyon walls, waterfalls and Eklutna Glacier. Wildlife includes Dall sheep, mountain goats, pikas.
12.7 miles one way to Eklutna Glacier
Eydlu Bena Loop Trail Easy to moderate, steep in sections. Access: Eklutna Lake TrailheadTrail loops around to mile 0.5, Eklutna Lakeside Trail. Mostly a forest hike. Note: This is a new trail and is not marked on the map. 1.5 miles from trailhead to Eklutna Lakeside Trail, 2 miles to return to trailhead
Indian to Bird Bike Path Easy, Paved. Good views of Turnagain Arm. Wheelchair accessible. Access: Communities of Indian, Bird, or Bird Creek Campground. 3 miles Indian to Bird.
McHugh Scenic Overlook Easy. Trail is paved, with handrails and seating. Good views of Turnagain Arm, wind sculpted trees. Handicap accessible. Access: McHugh Creek Picnic Area, middle parking lot  
River Trail At North Fork (Eagle River) Cross bridge over North Fork to reach main fork of Eagle River. Good fishing access. Access: Eagle River Road, mile 7.4, North Fork access. 3/4 mile to river
Rodak Nature Trail Easy - trail is graveled with seating. Viewing deck at salmon rearing stream. Interpretive signs. Winter: Trail usually packed for winter walkers. Feeders at Center attract birds and squirrels. Other wildlife includes sheep, moose, coyote. Handicap Accessible.
Access: Eagle River Nature Center
2/3 mile
South Fork Valley Trail (Eagle River) Easy for K-6 graders, with boardwalk over some of the muddy areas, and a bridge at stream crossing. Wet areas near lakes. Limited parking area. Please do not block access for local residents. Most of trail is in open tundra, with spectacular view of surrounding peaks. Lakes at back of valley were dammed by rockslide. Winter: Trail crosses avalanche prone slopes. 6 miles one way to Symphony and Eagle Lakes.
Thunderbird Falls Trail Easy - rolling terrain with boardwalk and viewing areas. Birch forest on steep hillside overhanging Eklutna Canyon. Views of 200 foot high Thunderbird Falls. Access: Mile 25, Glenn Highway, Thunderbird Exit, follow signs one mile to trailhead parking. 1 mile one way to view of Thunderbird Falls.
Easy to Moderate    
Arctic Valley Trail
Location: Mile 1 Arctic Valley Road
Just north of Anchorage toward Eagle River is a turn-off for the Arctic Valley Road. One mile up the Arctic Valley is a trailhead that takes you to a point, which offers 360-degree views. This 6.4 mile uphill climb (an increase of 2,050 feet) is a graded road, off limits to vehicles and popular for hikers and bikers. Be sure to bring extra water with you for this excursion. Additionally, remember to bring warm clothes for the trip down and elevation-related temperature changes. There is no fee.

5.0 to saddle (easy)

6.4 mile to top (moderate)

Middle Fork Trail to Williwaw Lakes Easy to moderate. Some muddy areas. Spruce woods and mountain hemlock groves give way to open tundra and jewel-like alpine lakes, backed by sheer face of Mt. Williwaw. Winter: Good skiing. In Williwaw Valley, stay on valley floor to avoid avalanche prone areas. 6.5 miles one way to largest lake
Powerline Trail to Indian Easy to moderate. Bikers beware steep descent into Indian from the Pass. Special Features: Open tundra area, good berries in fall. Access: Glen Alps Trailhead or Indian Trailhead. 11 miles one way
Turnagain Arm Trail Most is easy, Rainbow to Windy is moderate. Trail parallels the highway and railroad below, following support route created during building of railroad in 1910's. Good views of Turnagain Arm, coastal vegetation, first spring wildflowers. Sheep at Windy Corner. Access: Potter Trailhead - Seward Hwy, Mile 115; McHugh Creek Trailhead - Seward Hwy, Mile 112; Rainbow Trailhead - Seward Hwy, Mile 108; Windy Corner Trailhead - Seward Hwy, Mile 106 Potter to McHugh - 3.3 miles; McHugh to Rainbow - 4.2 miles; Rainbow to Windy - 1.9 miles. Total of 9.4 miles one way
Wolverine Peak Trail Easy to moderate. Views of Alaska Range, Anchorage, Cook Inlet. Plane wreckage near summit. Good berries in fall. Moose, sheep and arctic ground squirrels. Access: Prospect Heights Trailhead, Mile 2 of Near Point Trail. 5.2 miles one way to summit.
East Fork Trail (Eklutna) Moderate - trail is narrow and stream crossings not bridged. Wilderness character, woodland vegetation, small lake. Access: Mile 10.5, Eklutna Lakeside Trail 6.5 miles one way to back of valley and open tundra.
McHugh Lake Trail Moderate. Beautiful Rabbit and McHugh Lakes are framed by alpine tundra and the rugged Suicide Mountain peaks. Loop trip is possible for experienced hikers using Ptarmigan Pass to Powerline Trail. Old trail up Rabbit Creek Valley crosses private land, so there is no public access from Lower Canyon Road. Access: McHugh Creek Trailhead, Mile 112 Seward Hwy. Hike northwest toward Potter on Turnagain Arm Trail approximately 1/2 mile, McHugh/Rabbit Lakes Trail heads northeasterly up McHugh Creek Valley. 7 miles one way.
Near Point Trail Moderate. Views of Alaska Range, Anchorage, Cook Inlet. Granite boulders near top were carried by glacier from the Talkeetna Mountains. Winter: Easy X-country skiing first 3 miles. Access: Prospect Heights Trailhead. Access: Glen Alps Trailhead, Powerline Trail 3/4 mile to Middle Fork Loop Trail. 3 miles one way to old homesite, then steep narrow trail 1 more mile to Near Point.
Peters Creek Trail Moderate - old roadbed has steep muddy sections and unbridged stream crossings; unmarked trail beyond can be easily lost. No trailhead parking. Private property along first quarter mile of trail. Be respectful of local landowners. Quiet area, nice views of wooded valley first 5 miles. Access: Mile 21, Glenn Highway, Peters Creek Exit, follow city map uphill to Malcolm Drive and trailhead. No signs. 5 miles one way to end of abandoned roadbed. Unmarked, unmaintained trail continues up valley 11 miles to treeline and open tundra.
Flattop Mountain Trail Difficult. Steep, some scrambling. Be careful - falls have resulted in injuries and fatalities. Special Features: Most often climbed peak in Alaska. Hikers above can kick down rocks. Good views of Alaska Range, Cook Inlet, Turnagain Arm, Anchorage. Mountain hemlocks, tundra. Access: Glen Alps Trailhead, use stairs. 1.5 miles one way.
Playgrounds Top | Municipal Playground Map  
Ages 3-5 Ages 5-12 Ages 3-12
These park sites offer shelters, all of which may be reserved. Reservations will have use priority. For more information, call 343-4474. Park hours: 8 am to 10 pm. No overnight camping.
Alderwood Park Elm Street & Dogwood Lane  
Arctic Benson    
Arctic at West 32nd Street Arctic at West 32nd Street  
Balto Seppala Wisconsin Street & West 32nd Street  
C. W. Smith C Street & Chester Creek  
Campbell Park Lake Otis Parkway & 42nd Ave  
Carlson Park Cornell Court & Stanford Drive  
Didika Park Clay Products Drive &McKenzie Drive  
Fairview Park LaTouche Street & East 12th Ave  
KFQD E of Bayshore Drive & S of Admirality Bay Dr  
Nunaka Valley South (Atkinson) Atkinson Drive  
Nunaka Valley South (Nunaka) Craig Drive & Link Circle  
Russian Jack Springs South Boniface Parkway S of Debarr Road Picnic - Shelter
Sisterhood Park Van Buren St & W 48th Ave Picnic - Shelter
Suitable for ages 5-12    
Al Miller Park Cook Inlet at Delaney STreet  
Barbara Street Barbara Street & West 32 Ave  
Conifer Park Glenn Highway & East 3rd Ave Picnic - Shelter
David Green Park MacInnes Street & 36th Ave Picnic - Shelter
Forsythe Park Birch Road between Huffman & O'Malley Rd  
Kiwanis - Fish Creek Bennett Ave & Turnagain Blvd Picnic - Shelter
Nunaka Valley North Beaver Street & Debarr Road  
Old Hermit Willow Street & W 31st Ave  
Roosevelt Park Taft Street & Roosevelt Dr  
Russian Jack North Pine Street & Debarr Rd Picnic - Shelter
Scenic Park Patterson Street & E 36th Ave  
Shady Birch Park Blackberry Rd & E 82nd Ave  
Spenard Beach Lakeshore Dr & W 44th Ave  
Sunset Park Birch Street & Vine Street  
Turpin Park Oklahoma Street & Peck Street  
Whisper Faith Memorial Park Lore Road E of Seward Hwy  
Woodland Park Iowa Street & W 36th Ave  
Suitable for ages 3-12    
Castle Heights Wesleyan Drive & Vance Drive  
Centennial Campground Boundary Road & Glenn Highway Picnic - Shelter
Cheney Lake Baxter/Beaver at Gill Way  
Chugach Foothills Muldoon Road & 36th Ave  
Cope Street Park Cope Street & 36th Ave  
Creekside Park East 6th Ave & Patterson Street Picnic - Shelter
Duldida Hoyt Street & Thompson Picnic - Shelter
Eastchester/Woodside E 20th Ave & Seward Highway  
Eastchester/Hillstrand Eastchester/Hillstrand  
Elderberry Park West 5th Ave & M Street  
Fairbanks Fairbanks Street & East 11th Ave  
Fairview Lions Karluk Street & East 7th Ave Picnic - Shelter
Frontierland E Street & W 10th Ave  
Ira Walker E 6th Ave at Boniface Parkway  
Jewel Lake Park W 88th Ave Picnic - Shelter
Johns Park Johns Road & Bree Ave  
Kanchee Park Kleven Street & E 4th Ave Picnic - Shelter
Little Dipper Park Little Dipper Dr & Shamrock Dr  
Lloyd Steele Park Between Leighton St & Turnagain Elementary Picnic - Shelter
Lyn Ary Park Foraker Dr & Illiamna Ave  
Minnesota Park Minnesota Drive & West 36th Ave  
Oceanview Park Jarvi Dr & Oceanview Dr Picnic - Shelter
Pamela Jay Lowry Ascot Dr & W 79th  
Pop Carr Park Arctic Blvd & W Tudor Road Picnic - Shelter
Richardson Vista Park Ivy Street & Bluff Road  
Ruth Arcand Park Abbott Road E of Lake Otis Pkwy Picnic - Shelter
Sitka Park E 15th Ave & Sitka Street Picnic - Shelter
Spirit Park (Eagle River) Elk Horn Circle off Hiland Road Picnic - Shelter
Springer Park Arctic Blvd & Chugach Way  
Standish Park Standish Street & E 5th Ave  
Storck Park Rabbit Creek Dr & Clarks Rd Picnic - Shelter
Susan Nightengale McKay W Bluff Dr & Brown Street  
Tikishla Park E 20th Ave & Sunrise Dr  
Valley of the Moon Park Arctic Blvd & W 17th Ave Picnic - Shelter
W.B. Lyons Park Price Street & Peterkin Street Picnic - Shelter
Wickersham Park Campbell Creek E of Lake Otis Pkwy  
Wilson Park Wilson Street & W 40th Ave  
Winchester Park E 84th Ave & Abbott Loop Rd  
Windsong Park Greendale Dr & E 16th Ave  
Wolverine Park Rovenna Street & E 75th Ave Picnic - Shelter
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